Drop Bay, Encrypted Notes Made Easy

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The Vision

Welcome to the next generation of note taking applications! Drop Bay lets you record, organize, and view your notes using the most advanced encryption technology. With the power of your password, your notes are encrypted in AES Encryption – even the most seasoned hackers can’t decipher your notes! It’s more modern than KeepassX but with the same powerhouse of encryption.

What’s This About

I, Nicholas Jensen, have used Ubuntu and other linux distros for years. I’ve tried and tested most of them in the public domain since 2008. The spirit of free and secure software has intrigued me since the early days – I strongly believe that my thoughts and notes are not for the eyes of big corporations. I’ve used KeepassX (the only real encryption software for everyday users) to input and retrieve all my accounts numbers and passwords. That was awesome in the early years… however, I recently noticed that the program looked dated; not much changing. Since there aren’t many alternatives available, I decided to make my own spin to see how well it would turn out. Three months later, I think it turned out nicely. This project took some time and love to make – It’s important to me. Please let me know what you think of it. Any improvements and features can be integrated, surely.

Where to Get It

You can download and run the program as a standalone executable jar (on Windows, Mac, and Linux), or install it on Ubuntu / Debian with an installation deb. Get it at Play RWBay – Drop Bay’s page.

This program is coded in Java 8 and JavaFX. It is currently in stable pre-release. So, please download and test it. Contact us with comments, suggestions, bugs, or whatever concerning Drop Bay.

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